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Here’s how to make the applique:

Start with these basic shapes cut out of some felt:

Pin the big hearts onto the onesie with the ends meeting and, with a sewing machine (or by hand), sew them on near the raw edge of each heart with pink thread.

Stitch the small heart onto the body piece just before adding the body and the head on over the wing hearts with red thread.

Then stitch on the heart tips for the antennae, hand embroider the eyes with french knots and hand stitch the other details with backstitches in red floss.

I put the onesie, tutu & hat on my little girl and presto!  She’s turned into a Love Bug:


Felt Butterfly Hanger Tutorial

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Step 1. Gather the items needed.
Butterfly template. (Find a shape you like on the internet and trace it)
Felt in co-ordinating colours,
Embroidery thread again in co-ordinating colours. I split mine into 3 strands.
Felt shapes to embelished, I used shapes from a pack bought in Tesco, but you could cut out your own.
Seed and Bugle beads to decorate.
Stuffing. (Hollowfibre or toy stuffing is fine).
Ribbon to hang
Pins and Needle and Sewing Thread
2. Pin template to felt and cut out butterfly. I cut 1 in a light mauve and 1 in dark mauve.
3. Sew the felt shapes on in a symetrical design using a small running stitch. Cut a long piece of felt for the butterfly body, shaping as desired (rounding the ends etc.,) and sew using blanket stitch in the middle of the butterfly.
4. Sew Bugle and seed beads in place, again following the symetrical design.
5. Take the 2nd butterfly shape place behind the first, making sure they line up neatly.
6. Pin the two pieces together and sew through them around the butterfly body, taking care not to let the stitches show on the front.
7. Starting at the bottom middle, using a blanket stitch, start to sew through the two layers of felt, around one of the wings.
8. When you reach the top of the wing, attach the ribbon by incorporating it between the felt layers with the blanket stitch.
9. Stuff the wing lightly before completely sewing the wing shut. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other wing.
10. The reverse side should look like this.
11. The finished butterfly.


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– assorted colours of felt and matching thread
– sequins / beads / small buttons or embroidery thread (floss)
– brooch clasps or safety pins
– needle, pins, scissors
… and the butterfly template at the bottom of this post. You can print the templates at different sizes to make different sized brooches
1) Cut out one butterfly shape and one body shape.
2) Pin the butterfly shape onto backing piece of felt in a contrasting colour. Use matching thread and running stitch to sew it in place
3. This is the fun part – decorate your butterfly! Whatever you use to decorate your butterfly, sew any embellishments in place with thread that matches the felt you’ve used for the butterfly wings and make sure that each wing is (as closely as possible) a mirror image of the other.When using stranded embroidery thread (floss) I divided each length of thread in two, using 3 out of 6 of the individual strands to make a thickness of thread that’s easy to sew through the felt layers.
 4) When you’ve finished decorating your butterfly, cut away the excess backing felt to create a “frame” around the butterfly shape. Then use the shape you’ve just cut out as a template to cut a matching piece of felt for the back of the brooch.

5) Turn over the back piece and sew a brooch clasp in place with a double thickness of matching thread. If you’re using a safety pin, use an extra bit of felt to sew it in place 
6) Put the front and back of the brooch together, and sew around the edge. Use running stitch and matching thread, sew flush with the decorated butterfly shape so your stitching is hidden. Finish your stitching neatly at the back of the brooch.



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