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yarn pom pom wreath.

autumn wreath

Fieltro---- wreath

Felt Cupcake Happy Birthday Banner


felted posies

DIY Felt Pinwheels #tutorial

Three-Dimensional Doily Ornament

oh Christmas tree

This is pretty clever... You will always know which drink is yours and your drunken freinds won't have to remember to use a coaster! Yay! #Felt #Home


felt bunnies for my bunny.


Snowman ornament

felt flower


Christmas Tree Decoration

felted wool

DIY Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament


felt flowers

Finger Doll - Alice in Wonderland 2/2


felt roses


excellent felt flowers







All Felt

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felt Felt Butterfly

Felt flower pins Felt butterfly garden

felt flower    #dogs  #felt butterfly felt favor bag

felt flower #felt #flower #craft #diy felt flower

Loopy felt flower Felt headband. Love.

felt flower tutorial Monarch felt butterfly

Felt Flower felt flower

Felt Pumpkin love love felt flower

love felt art

felt love badge

love the felt I love felt!

I love felt! Felt Advent I love!!

Love the felt flower

Pink felt pink felt baby bird

Felt - Pink and orange Serving Pink Lemonade: Felt

cuteness! #pink #owl #felt Handmade Felt Flowers - 3D DAHLIA - Pink

Handmade Felt Flowers - 3D DAHLIA - Pink Handmade Felt Pink Heart Name Banners

Serving Pink Lemonade: Felt Tools Serving Pink Lemonade: Felt Tools

yellow felt brooch Yellow, Purple and White Felt Flower Hair Clip

Yellow geranium felt flower yellow gray felt button boutonnieres

Felt bag blue yellow

With Coral, Yellow, Teal, and Green felt flowers Pastel Yellow Felt Flower Headband TWO SIZES by LittleKeirasBows

Embroidered Felt Headband Yellow Orange. $18.50, via Etsy. pretty blue felt flowers

Mini Blue Felt Cupcake Blue felt button Christmas Tree

Aqua blue felt brooch £3.00 Blue felt panel bib necklace.

Navy Blue and Gray Felt Brooch with gemstones Blue Felt by bakkal, $15.50

red felt tulips

red felt bow

Red & Aqua Felt Flowers Felt Miniature Clothing - Red Girls Dress

sparkly red felt for the hat Red Felt Flower Sampler - for mom

Felt Flowers! Very simple and pretty.  We love the colour combinations and the possibilities are endless - magnets, hairbands, brooches, bobbles... Summer Solstice Sun Child!!        You will need:  wool felt (in yellow and orange)  one wooden bead  paint & brush  roving (for hair and stuffing)  embroidery floss and needle (in contrasting colour)  beads or wool balls        I used a 250ml mason jar as my circle template...tracing around the lid cut one circle out of your yellow felt, and then cut another "sun" sha

Please include a personal message if your item is being gift wrapped.  A layer of hand made 100% Wool felt Hearts or Flowers finished with a bright glossy button in the centre.  Safety clasp Pin hand sewn on the back, so that you can choose to pin to your lapel, dress or bag!  Please specify if you would like a particular colour. Felt bow tutorial  #felt #bow

felt bow tutorial Felt bow diy

felt shamrock bow olivia felt bow

Felt Flower/Bow felt flower hair bow

felt number flash cards Pink and hot pink felt appliqué number three. Birthday girl hair fashions :)

Lemon Butterfly Felt Number Decorations - These are so cute, I would love to give as baby shower gift. felt star ornaments

felt star clips Felt star ornaments

All Star Wool Blend Felt Embellishments Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Felt Story

Felt Christmas Rainbow Star hanging ornament by AppledoorStudio, £7.99 Your a Star...three felt snap clippies

Cute felt purses Felt Limes!  Cute!

Christmas Felt :: cute! Cute felt coasters

Felt book shapes Felt Flower Shapes

High five felt shapes Felt Quiet Book. shapes with snaps instead

convert an old clock into this with felt shapes? Cut shapes with felt and create a felt board. Great for "restaurant busy bag"

Fun with felt pictures... they used puzzles to make the shapes. Make a felt board advent calendar - can make any shapes we want :)

F126 --- 15 Felt flowers (5 colors and 3 shapes plus centers) Daisy Felt Headband

felt kitty hair clip diy felt hair clip

Felt Penguin hair clip Felt flower hair clip

Felt Daisy Hair Clip felt flower hair clip

Tall Timbers Felt Flower Hair Clip Everlasting Gobstopper Felt Flower Hair Clip

Felt hair clip from Kayce Hughes. Felt flower hair clip. Lovely.


Tissue box

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toples flanel

tutorial tissue holder

Teddy Bear Ear Headband

Teddy Bear Ear tutorial

Step 1:

Cut out the pieces of felt required:

  • 1 long strip to make a sleeve for the headband – measure the width of the headband, double it and add an extra 5mm for stitching.  Measure the length and do the same.
  • the large part of the ear – Cut a piece of paper to the correct shape and use that as a template.  You will need 4 of these per headband.
  • the small inner section of the ear – as above, however you will only need 2 of these per headband.

Step 2:

Stitch the long sides of the sleeve together using an over-edge stitch (either using the sewing machine or by hand).   Pull the sleeve over the headband, fold the ends over and stitch by hand.

Step 3:

Stitch the inner ear to the outer ear.  Then stitch the back and front of each ear together.  Use a couple of strands of embroidery thread.

Step 4:

Put a small amount of stuffing in each ear.  This is to help the ears stand up and fill them out a little so they don’t flop over when stitched to the headband.

Step 5:

Stitch each ear to the sides of the headband.  Stitch as close to the edge of the headband as you can.  If you stitch the back and front of the headbands close together the ear will most likely flop.

Felt Christmas House – Tissue Box


  • Tissue box 9″ (23 cm) x 5″ ( 12 1/2 cm)
    Fabric Glue
    Felt – brown 20″(51cm) x 24″(61cm)
    White 12″(30 1/2cm) x 24″(61cm)
    Green 4″(10 cm) x 3″(7 1/2cm)
    Gold 6 1/4″(15 1/2cm) x 3″(7 1/2cm) 

This Christmas craft project shows you how to make a beautiful Christmas house Tisse box cover. You can use any small box.

Cut out all your box pieces out of card, you will not need a bottom to your box.you will need to cut away the perforated section of the box and will need to be kept open even when you are covering it , as you will need to still pull the tissues out, only then it will pull through the chimney.

Now cut the same pieces out of brown felt ( or what ever colour you would like your house to be) leave a 1/2″ (1cm) allowance, glue the felt to the card and turn the (1cm) over and glue to the back.

Once you have done all your pieces (5) glue the edges together (hold in place with pins) until secure.( you can stitch the pieces together if you prefer).compleat the house section, before going on to the roof.

Cut out your Christmas tree from the green felt, decorate with beads,fabric paint or tinsel.

Glue it to the end of your house.

Window- cut your window out of gold felt, then a second window out of wall colour with the window panes cut out, glue this on top of your gold piece, now glue it to the front of your house to one side slightly.cut your candle out and arrange it to sit in one of the windows, glue it in place.

Cut out a green door and glue it in place, you can either use a bead or a tiny circle of felt for the door knob.i made a tiny wreath for the door,I cut a circle out of dark green and decorated it with dots of fabric paint, quite effective.

Now cut out the door canopy from card,and cover it with white felt, position it over the door

Pin it in place until secure.


Cut your roof and gable ends from a piece of card ( cut your roof in one piece ).find the center and then cut out you chimney section,  Next cut you gable ends out of brown felt, do not forget the 1/2″ turn over allowance, glue on to the card, once it is dry, glue them onto your roof at the position stated on the direction sheet.

Make sure it sits just on the top of the tissue box ,once it all feels secure, cut out and glue your white felt on the roof,leaving enough allowance for a snow fall, front and back and both ends, (do not glue the roof to the walls) cut the chimney section out again.now cut out your second piece of roof (in felt only). It would be much easier to cut your chimney section out now before you glue it in position, now to cut out your chimney use your picture for directions cut it out of card then out of brown felts when it is completed , you can begin to put your snow around the top.

Now glue the chimney in place  last of all is the roof window, cut the window out of card then cover the sides in brown , white on top ( with a small allowance for snow fall) and gold on the front then a second front out of brown felt with the panes cut out.

You can now glue your window snow on. Put your house over your tissue box and Thread your tissue up and through the chimney. If you want to keep little fingers out you can attach it at one end then put a button and elastic loop at the other end








Felt school bus tissue box e-Pattern from ellediy. What a neat teacher gift!

Spring embroidered felt banner

modular felt coaster tutorial

felt Easter egg crayon holders for little kid’s table at Easter dinner

Sweet little felt box (with pattern)

Easter Banner pattern and tutorial

Cute Easter eggs

Charlie Brown

Good News Bear - etsy by Kata Golda



Felt Valentine Banner pattern and tutorial
cupcake purse
felt pear applique
snowy...great example of taking a simple graphic and turning it into felt.
needle case
Felt Farm
Felt fish doorhanger
Que tal fazer uma capinha para o seu netbook?
Mushroom and 'Doh Cloud

Tehnik lazy Daisy

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Teknik ini oleh digunakan untuk membentuk daun kecil

Teknik ini juga bisa digunakan untuk membentuk batang

Teknik Sulam ( Stem Stitch)

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Teknik Sulam( Bunga dari bullion stitch)

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  1. Lukis bulatan sebesar penutup pen
  2. Masukkan jarum dari bawah kain
  3. Tarik jarum dan cucukkan semula dalam 3mm
  4. Pusing benang disekeliling jarum sebanyak lebih kurang 25 kali dan tarik perlahan-lahan , kemudian cucuk jarum dibahagian hujung benang.
  5. Ulang teknik sehingga 5 kelopak siap.
  6. Jahitkan manik ditengah2 kelopak.

Tehnik Sulam(rose bullion stitch)

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  1. Matikan benang di bahagian belakang kain
  2. Cucuk jarum ke A
  3. Cucuk jarum ke B dan cucuk semula ke A (lebih kurang 3mm
  4. Lilitkan benang sebanyak 5 kali
  5. Tarik benang perlahan2 dan cucuk semula ke B
  6. Cucuk jarum ke atas sedikit dari A
  7. ulang teknik yg sama sehingga selesai

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