Cut 2 egg shapes from your fabric.
Cut 4 pocket pieces from fabric.
Cut 1 egg shape & 2 pocket pieces from Insul Bright.






Sumber :




Modern pot holder tutorial

Do you like my new pot holders?…you can make them too!

You need 2 pieces of fabrics and 1 of special thermal stuffing about 9×5 inch (22×12,5cm), a label or a little piece of a nice ribbon and the template.

(Click here to enlarge and print the template…if you have any problem, please, mail me and I will send the template in PDF form.)

Draw the template on the fabric back side….
….and sew following the line to join the sandwich in this order.
Remember to leave an opening to turn inside out .
Cut the fabric around….

…turn inside out and press.
Stitch all around to close the opening and sign the middle with a decorative stitch.

Your new pot holder is done!