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cute3 by rinsunflower

25mm Felt Flower Pack of 4 - Brown

what you’ll need:
  •  felt – i used some scraps from two pieces, but i believe one whole piece would suffice
  • heart/apple shaped patterns in three different sizes.  i just free-handed these.  it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • glue gun – the best ones are pink!
  • elastic headband
  • scissors
  • small beads/pearls
  • needle and thread (not pictured)
step one:  cut out your petals.  you will need 5 large, 5 medium, and 3 small.
step two:  overlap the bottom right side of each of your petals over the bottom left side and hot glue into place.  this will add some dimension to the petals:
i know the quality of this picture is sad.  if you buy me an slr, i can make it better 🙂

step three:  once all of your petals are glued, create a circular base for your flower out of felt and glue all five of your large petals to it, slightly overlapping, as pictured:

hint:  i made my circular base larger than it needed to be and then trimmed the excess off after i had glued down my petals

step four:  now glue all five of your medium petals to your base, arranging them so that they are staggered with the first layer of petals:

step five:  glue the three remaining petals, arranging them so that they slightly overlap at the center of your base.
step six:  using your needle and thread, sew a few beads or pearls in the center of your flower.
step seven:  cut another felt circle about the size of your base.  place the elastic headband on the back of your flower.  hot glue your felt circle and adhere to base, sandwiching headband between the layers in the process:

1 – Use your chalk pen to draw a line of scallops along the edge of the felt, about an inch high. Cut out carefully using the fabric scissors.

2 – Make another scallop, but this time smaller – about half the size and length as the first.

3 – Thread your needle, tying a knot at the end of the thread, then use a long running stitch to stitch along the length of the first scallop. Once you get to the end, pull the thread tightly so that the petals are all bunched up and a flower shape is created. Stitch both ends of the petals tightly and securely together, knotting off your thread.

4 – Repeat with the smaller scallop. Once done, carefully stitch the smaller scallop onto the larger one.

5 – Sew the button into the middle of the flower. Ta da – one gorgeous felt flower!

easy how-to make a tiny bow.