I heart felt book cover

learn my abc & numbers - Textile Book

My ABC Book [dot] - Cloth Book

My ABC Travel Bag - Soft Book [Bag]

My Quiet Book - Cloth Book

ABC [Alphabet] Bag - Cloth Bag [lower case]

Life Cycle of a - Sunflower

How to Count - Fabric Wall Chart

My Numbers Clown - Fabric Wall Chart

Tell the Time - Fabric Wall Chart

Emotions Chart - Fabric Wall Chart (3 male & 3 female)


Woodland Play Felt Set

Ahoy There! Play Felt Set

mat #1: school, church, construction site and firehouse

mat #2: barn, pig pin and pasture w/ cow, homestead, pond

Mat #3: park, gas station, beach, baseball diamond

mat #4: walmart, target, parking lot, bike trail

Materials – 8.5 x 11 felt – assorted colors
fabric scraps, ribbons, ric rac, misc beads, pipe cleaners
velcro, thread, embroidery floss, snaps, glue, etc.
eyelets & hammer

For Feed The Fish I sewed on a freehand fish bowl applique and then used elastic thread to thread on the fish beads. The fish food is velcro-ed on, so it can be removed to “feed the fish” and then little hands can make the fish swim to the top.

For Flower Garden I cut out some flower shapes in felt and then sewed them on to pipe cleaners. I fringe cut some felt for grass and stitched on some 1 inch pieces of elastic in loop shapes to attach the flowers to the page. On the opposite page I cut out a vase shaped piece of scrap fabric and stitched on some decorative ric-rac and then stitched it to the page (obviously leaving the top open, so flowers can be arranged in it).

For Mail Call simply cut out a mailbox shaped piece of fabric and cut a slot opening and then stitch on. You can stitch MAIL (or cheat like I did and use puffy paint) on it. I added a pocket on the other side with some folded & glued pieces of felt to make letters & postcards to put in or you can use/make paper mail for it.

For The Four Seasons I stitched on ribbon to make 4 separate rectangles on a piece of light blue felt and then freehand drew the beach items, tree, umbrella in felt, cut them out and stitched them on. For the weather elements (cloud, sun, leaf & snowman) I drew and then cut those out & stitched a snap on the backside & the opposite part of the snap onto the page.

ABC book...a felt figure that starts with the letter in each pocket. Adorable!

quiet book

what's the weather like?

Hair clips

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BUSY BOOK childrens soft quiet book felt activity pages. $78.00, via Etsy. Shop is SunsetBlueGifts.  I will be ordering this one. CHILDREN'S  BUSY BOOK soft quiet book felt by SunsetBlueGifts, $75.00
Love this Quiet book  the maker said she used wool-felt for bkround (in bolts @ Joanns); soft felt that is bought in sheets was used for all other parts felt flower -good colour combo