Materials list:

♥ Felt scraps

♥ Craft glue & small paint brush

♥ Scissors

♥ String/thin rope

♥ x2 tin cans – washed and clean

♥ Drill

♥ Embroidery cotton + needle

♥ Printable chipmunk PDF –  Download Chipmunk pattern


These are easy peasy to make!  You can also turn the can up the other way and use the pattern to make a cute pencil holder.


Step 1:  Coat the tin can lightly with craft glue (use the paint brush) and cover with a piece of felt.  Just measure the height and circumference of the can to figure out the size of felt required.


Step 2: Use the printable PDF provided (see materials list) as the template for your felt pattern pieces.  Remember to also cut out two small eyes + a nose for each chipmunk.


Step 3: Use a little craft glue to adhere the chipmunk’s head pieces together.


Step 4: Adhere on the nose and embroider two little stitches for the eyelashes.


Step 5: Use craft glue to adhere the completed chipmunk onto the stilt base.  It’s important that you have the bottom of the can facing upwards for this step – so that it creates a base to stand on.


Step 6: Follow the above instructions to complete a second chipmunk.


Step 7:  Use a drill and make two holes in each side of the stilt (up the top) to thread your string/yarn through.


Step 8: Cut and thread a long piece of string/yarn through the holes and tie in a knot to hold.  The length will depend on the height/age of your child – just a comfortable length for them to be able to hold when they’re using the stilts.