Glue Gun
Needle (Optional)


Hair Clip
Thread (Optional)

Gather your materials.  Cut a 2″ square from your felt of choice, as well as a smaller rectangle about 1″ x 1/2″.

Start by cutting four slits into your felt. Starting from each corner, cut towards the center. Stop cutting about a half inch from the center of the square.

Fold over one corner of the square to the center and glue it down with your glue gun.

Do this for ever other corner until you have the pinwheel shape.

Glue down the center of your pinwheel with your glue gun. I used coordinating buttons but you could use rhinestones, or anything else you have on hand.  I also used embroidery thread in the center of my button, which is completely optional.

Insert the smaller piece of felt into your clip and close it so that it’s in the center of the clip.  At this time I rounded the corners of the felt with my scissors.  Put glue all around the felt piece and the clip.  Be sure that you are gluing the correct side of the clip and that you are not actually gluing it closed.

Press down the glue side onto the back of the pinwheel, oriented so that the clip and felt are hidden by the rest of the pinwheel.

Now go ahead and make a bunch more in every color. I made a set of three in Valentine’s colors to send to my niece.  These would be fun in blues and greens for the summer as well.