Here’s how I did them:

You’ll need:
green felt
white felt (i used a wool blend, but the craft stuff works just fine too)
matching green embroidery thread
white and black embroidery thread
small amount of poly fil needle

First make your circles, one large green circle and one smaller white circle for each slice. I traced whatever was lying around my desk and played around til I liked the amount of white vs green.

A good tip for cutting shapes out of (wool) felt is to trace your shape onto freezer paper (the papery side), iron onto your felt, and then cut out the shape.

It gives you a crisp clean edge and peels right off! (yuck I need a new ironing board cover) 

Next: Pin one of your white circles to a green circle, centering it in the middle. Then, using your white thread, sew little lines like so, attaching the white circle, and making it look kiwi-ish.

FYI: I used three strands of embroidery thread for all of this project.

Then, grab your black thread and start your seeds. AKA french knots. Here is a great tutorial for french knots. Continue around your white circle. It’s really not that hard once you get the hang of the knots!

Next, pin your circle in half, and using your green thread, start sewing a blanket stitch around the opening. Here’s a good tutorial for that stitch. I would try and show you myself…but these are so good. (and already done!)

Do the blanket stitch 3/4 around, and then stuff a small bit of poly fil into the kiwi slice. Not too much, just enough to give it a little shape. Continue stitching and finish the ends off however you normally do that sort of thing.