Felt Flower Hair Clip Supplies TUTORIAL   Felt Hair Clips



Supplies needed:  Hair snap clips, felt, needle and embroidery floss (I use two to three strands).

I used my Cuttlebug and flower die like here to cut out my felt but I think it would look just as cute with a stack of different size and colour circles.

Felt Flower Hair Clip 01 TUTORIAL   Felt Hair ClipsCut the slit a smidgen smaller than the width of the hair clip prong.  The felt will stretch a bit when you insert the prong.

Felt FLower Hair Clips 02 e1322781780296 TUTORIAL   Felt Hair ClipsInsert the snap clip into the slit you’ve just cut like so and leave aside for now.

Felt Flower Hair Clips 03 e1322784571646 TUTORIAL   Felt Hair ClipsArrange the remaining felt pieces with the largest size on the bottom and the smallest size on top.  Stitch through all the layers with a running stitch to hold them together.

Felt Flower Hair Clip 072 TUTORIAL   Felt Hair ClipsFinally grab the piece of felt from step 1 and sandwich the snap clip in between with the stack from step 2 and sew them together with running stitches.

Felt Flower Hair Clip 10 TUTORIAL   Felt Hair Clips

Felt Flower Hair Clips e1322874605493 TUTORIAL   Felt Hair Clips