You could cut a flower shape out by hand easily, too. Mine were about 3″ wide.

Then I started cutting a spiral shape like so…

Continue til you get to the middle, ending with a little circular shape.

Then starting with the outside end, glue and roll toward the inside.

Continue gluing and rolling…

…then at the end tuck and glue the little circular shape. Tada!

A finished little rosette!

I added three to a headband, and they also look really sweet on clips!

You’ll need:
felt (I use a wool felt blend)
hot glue gun
pin back

First you’ll need to cut out a bunch of leaf shapes, mostly large pieces, plus a few small ones. I used this die on my Go Baby! cutter, which was great. I also cut out two 3″ circles with this die. 

Then Cut the leaf pieces in half.

You won’t need this many small ones, but I wasn’t sure so I cut a bunch.

Then dab some hot glue in the center of the flat end of the petal. Squeeze the flat end together and let it dry.

Then dab some glue and fold back the two loose ends to create a petal that looks like this!

Keep gluing until you can glue them around the outside of the circle!

Then add another circle on top of the first circle.

I added a circle of small petals on top of the last circle, then made a tiny scalloped flowerand glued that on top.

Then cut two slits on the other circle piece near the top, to fit the pin through. Put it through the slits, then dab some glue between the pin back and felt circle.

Then glue the pin circle to the back of the  flower, and you’re done! (well, except for picking off all the glue strings. Have fun with that)

You could of course add these to a headband or clip as well, and they’d be cute in any size!

Cut a long strip of felt, I prefer wool felt (my strips were about 18″ long and 2″ wide) then fold over and glue lengthwise…just along the edge.

Then cut little slits however wide you like, and end them about 3/8″ from the bottom. (notice my awesome new scissors? The nice folks at Olfa sent them to me…and they are fantastic for this kind of project!)

Also, cutting closer to the bottom helps the flower lay flatter.

Then start rolling and gluing along the bottom edge.

Add a couple of felt leaves and you’ve got a cute flower for a headband, clip, or brooch!

Tip: try cutting the slits at an angle for a different look!