Cut 6 circles of the same size…

Then glue 5 of them into quarters…and glue them on another circle like so.

Plop another quartered circle on top and you’re finished. Add a clip, pin…you’re in business.

You could easily cut out floral shapes by hand though!

Then fold in half, and dab a little hot glue in the middle, let it cool.

Fold in half again and dab some more glue!

I usually used 5-6 of the same size flowers for each one, plus a few smaller flowers to fill in the center.

So then glue down the quartered flowers like so.

Then glue one more quartered flower in the middle.

These needed some more to fill in the middle, so I quartered some smaller flowers…

and plopped them down in the middle! (using glue of course, haha)

Add a circle of the same color felt on the back of headbands to make it look nice and neat.

They look so cute on headbands, clips, brooches…car antennae….haha almost gotcha, huh.

They are adorable in miniature size!

Remember our last working bee, this is what we made – some felt flowers on snap hair clips  and I’ll show you how it’s done.


Cuttlebug Flower Die Tutorial:  Felt flowerFirst, you’ll need to cut out five flower shapes from your felt.  The flowers can be cut free hand, using a flower template or in my case, using the Cuttlebug flower die.  The flower can have 5, 6 or more petals depending on the look you’re after.

Folding Flower Petals e1289447585959 Tutorial:  Felt flower

Fold each of the four flower shapes in half and stack them as shown in steps 2, 3 and 4.

Sewing flower petals e1289448624698 Tutorial:  Felt flowerNow get some embroidery floss, knot it and sew through two overlapping petals as in Step 5.1, then sew the adjacent petal, again make sure you are sewing through two overlapping petals (step 5.2) and continue in a square (step 5.3).  Do this a couple of times to secure.  Don’t cut the floss yet.  I should have used contrasting thread as I realised it’s quite difficult to see on the screen, but hopefully, you’ll get the general idea (step 5.4).

Sewing middle petal e1289451025424 Tutorial:  Felt flowerThen get your final flower petal and fold that in half and half again – so a quarter (step 6).  Now using the same floss, sew through the point of the final petal (step 7) and then down the center of the flower (step 8.1) and pull tight.  Do this a couple of times to secure.  Then knot it.  Tada!  It should look like a flower (step (8.2).

Felt Flower Tutorial Step 9.1 Tutorial:  Felt flower

Here is the back of it, knots and all.

Sew flower base e1289452037643 Tutorial:  Felt flower

This step is probably unnecessary but I like to glue a piece of felt circle over the back to hide the stitching.

Felt Flower Snap Clip Tutorial:  Felt flower