You’ll need:
green and white felt
matching thread
bit of poly fil

This is ridiculously easy…but bear with me anyways. Cut some top shapes and stem shapes from your felt, two per piece. Sew around the stem piece on three sides, leaving one of the short ends open. (no picture!)

Sew together your top pieces, leaving a small gap for the stem.
stuff a bit of poly fil in there! yummm.
Stick the stem in, and sew shut! whala! you’re done. Repeat as desired!

Easy Carrot RecipeIngredients:orange and green felt
matching thread
poly fil
sewing machine (or a hand sewing needle)Directions:

cut orange and green felt into carrot and carrot top shapes. (sorry about the green felt color on this one…not too appetizing, eh?)

sew around carrot top with green thread.

sew around orange pieces with orange thread…

leaving the top of the carrot open. stuff with poly fil, making sure there is room for the carrot top to fit.

insert carrot top and sew closed. trim threads and you’re done!

from your sewing machine to your dinner table in no time flat!