Here’s what you need to get started:

Gather supplies


-Felt in bright colors
-Needle & embroidery floss or thread



Step One

Step one-cut felt 

Cut the felt in in flower shapes. 


Step Two


Step two-layer felt

Step three-add button 

Layer the shapes.  The more layers the prettier your flower will be. 

You can use a button as the center or embroidery, sequins or beads look pretty too.


Step Three

Felt circles

For a little more complicated felt flower, cut your felt in graduating circles.
Step Four

Cut circle




Cut out flowers


Next, cut thin little triangles out all the way around to create squarish petals.


Step Five




Now layer your flowers and take a small stitch with contrasting thread (I used 3 strands of embroidery floss) about a quarter of an inch in on the petal, down over the edge and into the next petal. 


Do this through each layer of petals as shown below.