Materials and Tools
*Feather pillow insert, 10 x 18″ (25 x 45cm)
*For the pillow cover: 23 1/2 x 19″ (57 x 47cm) orange felt or felted woven-wool fabric
*For the folded rosettes: 20 x 18″ (50 x 45cm) orange felt or felted woven-wool fabric
*Matching sewing thread
*Basic sewing kit

Felt Pillow 5

1. Cut out two pieces of felt for the pillow cover measuring 11 x 19″ (27 x 47cm). To make the rosettes, cut out 60 felt circles with a 3″ (7cm) diameter.
2. Pinch each felt circle in the middle, and fold the sides in to form a rosette. Hand-stitch the base of each folded rosette to hold it together.
3. Starting at one end of the front pillow panel, hand-stitch the rosettes onto the fabric, stitching neatly and securely through the base of each one.
4. Continue adding rosettes, positioning them very closely together to form a dense, wide row of rosettes through the center of the pillow panel. Make sure that the row of rosettes is straight and that there is the same amount of undecorated base fabric on either side of the row.
5. Make up the pillow back and join the front and back following one of the two options below. Insert the pillow form into the finished cover.