Autumn Leaves Pillow - Free Leaf Pattern to Download

Supplies Needed:
Felt – in different colors
Heat N’ Bond Iron On Adhesive
Leaf Template  (Download below)
A piece of cardstock to print leaf pattern
Marking pen or marker
Tiny nail scissors
Pillow form
Brown Thread
Straight Pins
1.  Apply a piece of Heat N’ Bond to one side of each piece of felt you are going to use for the top part of each layered leaf.
2.  Download the template and print out on card stock.  If you don’t have card stock you can trace the leaves onto cardboard to make the templates.   Place the leaf patterns onto a piece of felt with the Heat N’ Bond on the underside. Trace with a marking pen.  Cut each leaf out right inside the lines.  Use tiny nail scissors to cut out the center stem on each leaf.
3.  Once all of your leaves are cut out, remove the paper adhesive backing from each one and place on a coordinating piece of plain felt (no Heat N’Bond).  Keep them about 1/2 -inch apart.

4.  Cover with a piece of paper and press with an iron set on medium heat until the two pieces are fused. Let cool.
5.  Once cooled – cut each leaf out leaving about 1/4-inch of the bottom piece of felt all around the leaf.
6. To make pillow cover – measure your pillow width and length.  To figure out width – Lay pillow on fabric and bring width sides up to seam on pillow form – add 1-inch for seam allowance for each side.  To figure out the length you will need – wrap fabric around the pillow until it over laps at least 4-inches on the back.  Add 5 more inches to that measurement.  Cut your fabric to this size.   This will give you one long piece of fabric.   Hem the short ends to create finished edges making sure you they are both folded over right side to wrong side of the fabric.
7.  Lay your fabric right side up and find the section that will be the front center. To do this wrap the fabric around the pillow with the overlapped hems to the back . Mark the front section with pins.   I Photoshopped some lines on the photo to show you the front area on my fabric.
8.  Place leaves along these lines overlapping slightly. Some of the leaves can go past the line to create more of a flowing feeling to the leaves.
9. Using light brown thread to sew the leaves to the burlap fabric along the cut-out stem center of each leaf.

10.  It will end up looking like this.

11.  Fold over the tips of the leaves along the edges and pin.  This will keep them clear when you sew up the side seams of the cover.


12.  Fold over one side and then the other so you can sew side seams. Pin sides together.


13.  Sew seam on each side. Remove pins and trim excess fabric along seams if necessary.


14. Turn right side out and remove pins on folded over leaves.  Place pillow form in cover.

How-to-make-a-fall-leaf-pillow using felt