Flower supplies: 

Step 1 |
Felt (I love wool felt, but any sort of felt will do. I choose two different colors to help create more depth.) 
Fabric scissors 
Felt tip pen or fabric marker 
Needle Thread (I choose a slightly lighter color so it would be more visible in photos.) 
Chipboard for flower pattern 
Buttons, if desired 

To make a headband: 
Elastic headband 
Hot glue gun 

To create the flower pattern, you can either download and print the image, or go ahead and free-hand your own. C’mon you can do it! My flower is approximately 2.5″ in diameter 

Step 2 | 

Trace pattern onto felt, repeat x5 

Step 3 | 

Cut flowers. Note: I prefer to skip step 2 and to simply hold my pattern on the felt as I cut around. Felt is somewhat stiff and easy to work with, so this works well. You’ll also avoid pen marks on your edges. 

Steps 4 & 5 | 

Lay one flower down as a base. Fold remaining 4 flowers in half and pile on top of one another so that you have four quarters sticking out. 

Step 6 | 

Double up the thread on your needle and you’re ready to sew! Begin at the center and make several stitches until you’ve caught all 4 quarters. 

Step 7 | 

To help ruffle your rose, peel back some of the inner layers and make additional stitches at center to help sculpt the petals into different, more upright directions. Note: If this seems too abstract or confusing–don’t fret, you can skip this step also! 

Step 8 | 

You’ve got a finished rose! The plain look is very sophisticated, however if you wish to add a button… 

Step 9 | 

Continue using the same strand of thread to sew a fancy button of your choice to the center. 

Step 10 | 

To turn your pretty petals into a headband, cut an additional circle of felt slightly smaller than the back of the flower. Flip the flower upside down, add a giant squirt of hot glue, and make a sandwich with the headband and felt circle . It’s that simple! I chose to embellish my finished headband with 2 green felt leaves, cut free-hand with a pinking shears. 

Now that you’ve mastered this simple flower, go ahead and experiment with extra layers of felt, different sizes, or use a variety of fabrics.