What I used:
7 sheets of felt
hot glue gun
4 inch Styrofoam ball
25-30 pins
small flower pot
What I did:
1. Make a LOT of felt flowers. I estimated that I would need 18, but I ended out using 27. I used a CD to trace the circles. I tried to keep the size and shape of all of the roses very similar. I was able to make 4 flowers per sheet of felt.
2. Using a hot glue gun, start attaching the roses to the ball. I noticed that if you put the hot glue directly on the Styrofoam it melted it a little bit. I first put the glue on the back of the rose and waited for 5 to 10 seconds.
3. Add a pin to the center of each flower {for extra support and because they are cute}.
4. I started with one flower and then surrounded it with 6. This pattern continues around the sphere. However it doesn’t need to be that precise. Another good idea would be to spray paint the Styrofoam before adding the roses since a little bit of color will show through.
5. Leave the bottom empty. Set the sphere on top of the flower pot.