Supplies Used: 

Cricut Cartridge “Christmas Cheer” 
Scrap Cardstock 
Sewing pins 
Stiff felt in colors of red, white, tan and black 
Soft felt in orange 
Small glue stick 
Embroidery floss in red, white, black, orange, light tan and light blue 
Embroidery needle 
Small round beads 
Small black buttons 
Misc. embellishments used are ribbon, mini snowflakes (Maya Road), adhesive pearls, and mini fence (Michaels) 
Hemp cord 

Step 1 

Select the patterns you would like to use. Using scrap cardstock, I cut the house and snowman out using the 4 ½” cutting size, I didn’t want them to be too big. The stocking cut a little bit too small at 4 ½” so I re-cut it again at 5 ½” and it was the perfect size for an ornament. 


           Next, pin the patterns to the felt and cut out. I used the stiff felt, which I found at my local craft store as I thought it would hold the ornament shape better. You will need to cut (2) of each base and one of each add on piece. Use a glue stick and attach the pieces to one base of each ornament and let dry. This will help hold the pieces together when you are stitching. For the house, I used the window holes in the pattern to trace onto paper, and then cut out for a pattern. They are too small for pins so I just held the little pattern over the felt with my fingers and cut out the pieces.





Then using a blanket stitch, attach the pieces to the front of each ornament. 

a. On the stocking use a blanket stitch only on the inside pieces, you will finish the outside stitching when you attach the back. You’ll want to do red stitching on the white and white stitching on the red. 

b. For the house, stitch around the windows and the inside part of the snow on the roof and chimney. 

c. For the snowman, stitch the inside part of the hat that touches the snowman using white floss. Then stitch the nose and the button eyes. Lay the paper pattern over the snowman, matching up the hat, then use the holes from the mouth on the pattern to make little dots using a pencil. Sew a small round bead on each dot for the mouth. 



Next, after you have stitch all the pieces on, you will want to stitch the front of the ornament to the back piece. You can use your glue stick to attach the two pieces and let dry before stitching to hold them in place.


The final step is to embellish the ornaments. I painted the mini snowflakes with acrylic paint and then glittered and attached with tacky glue. The fence was attached with tacky glue, held into place with clothespins until dry. 

I used a large eye needle and threaded it with a 10” piece of hemp cord to make a hanger. I pulled the cord through the top back of each piece and tied a knot to make a loop.